July Edition 337

Dear Readers and Advertisers

Just after the second world war, Christian Dior, the fashion designer, produced the ‘New Look’ which swept through the world and gave birth to a new style of clothes. Seventy odd years later a horrible bug has had the same effect with the Covid 19 ‘New Look’, folk wearing face masks in public. As with a lot of fashion, when everyone takes it up it almost becomes a uniform. Our new uniform is very becoming, a fetching bank robber look with a touch of medic thrown in and all in the same dazzling sky blue colour. Mind you if you make your own you can have any colour or pattern that you like. What will bank robbers choose? You have to feel sorry for them because everyone will look the same and it must be tricky doing robbing when you are socially distanced at two metres. The use of masks is very democratic as it puts everyone in the same boat, and, with our voices muffled, we will all sound the same as well as looking like one big happy family. Another side effect will be the lack of shouting, bawling and swearing. Difficult to do when wearing a face mask. A new era of civility and politeness may be upon us thanks to a nasty virus. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Remember to enter our July Wordsearch competition. The prize this month is A BBQ PACK courtesy of LONGFIELD VILLAGE BUTCHERS, HIGH STREET, LONGFIELD. Entry deadline is 14th July 2020

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During these uncertain times, remember to be kind to all. And perhaps check on a neighbour who may be living alone. A friendly face and just 30 minutes of your time could really make a difference to their day. Or they may just need some shopping or other small errands. Remember we are all in this together and every life matters.

Stay safe, stay well.
Carole, Sally & Colin


About Carole Gunning

Carole is one half of The Village Advertiser and together with Sally Oliver makes sure The Village Advertiser provides useful local business contacts to many households across Kent.