Dear Readers and Advertisers

Well, how are you coping? Life has certainly changed over the last two months or so. Normal life has been suspended and we all might see normal as something different in 2021 than it was in 2020. Things could get worse before they get better but everyone must live in hope. As Her Majesty said on the television at her VE Day 75th Anniversary address to the nation, ‘don’t despair’. There have been many sacrifices made and inspiring stories have emerged during the crisis. The NHS has risen magnificently to the challenge and key workers, our postmen and bin men and many others all deserve praise for carrying on regardless. Normality was held up for six years during the last war but eventually life settled down and great improvements to health, incomes and standards of living have been made in the ensuing years. Let us look at this emergency as a battle that will be won. Our world maybe a slightly different place when this all over but we look forward to happier times when social distancing and lockdowns will become a thing of the past and daily government briefings a distant memory.

Remember to enter our June Wordsearch competition. The prize this month is courtesy of A BEAUTIFUL BUNCH OF HAND CUT FLOWERS DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR courtesy of LOTTIE ALICE FLOWERS. Entry deadline is 14th June 2020. Due to the outbreak of Covid 19 Broadditch Farm Shop had to cancel their Easter event.

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There have been thousands of stories of spirited community action to help ease the pain of the lock-down. One particular act of kindness was Finlay Wallace, together with his Mum Nicola and sister Olivia, decided to bring a smile to children in lockdown in the local villages. They have been hand delivering gifts of chocolate and activity packs to children displaying the iconic rainbow and those having birthdays during this party less period. They have also been delivering to many schools, nursery’s and vulnerable people. A wonderful gesture that first started as self funded but has since started to be supported by local businesses as they have got to hear about this wonderful act of kindness and Lindt even delivered 2000 Lindt Easter Eggs. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Carole, Sally & Colin


About Carole Gunning

Carole is one half of The Village Advertiser and together with Sally Oliver makes sure The Village Advertiser provides useful local business contacts to many households across Kent.