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June Edition 348

By Carole Gunning | May 26, 2021

Dear Readers and Advertisers Will June 2021 rival May 1945 as liberation month? Most folk are too young to remember that great feeling of relief when the war in Europe came to an end. Can the end of this past year of turmoil, worry and grief equal that VE Day feeling? Probably not as the…

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May Edition 347

By Carole Gunning | April 26, 2021

Dear Readers and Advertisers Another lockdown release deadline approaches on the 17th of this month. More freedom and restrictions eased. This means one our second May bank holiday on the 31st will be less bound up by Covid rules than the first one on the 3rd. Life gets confusing doesn’t it? However, it is no…

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April Edition 346

By Carole Gunning | March 27, 2021

St George slew the dragon, or so they say. The patron saint of England is celebrated on the 23rd April which means, lockdown rules allowing, we can raise a glass or three to the memory of this gallant man who symbolises the triumph of good over evil.

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March Edition 345

By Carole Gunning | March 1, 2021

Captain Tom has gone! Sadly, the grand old man who took 99 years to become an overnight success, died of the dreaded Covid 19 early February. But what a success he was. Challenged by his family to raise £1000 for the NHS by walking round his garden, Captain Sir Tom Moore ended up raising over…

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February Edition 344

By Carole Gunning | January 26, 2021
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January Edition 343

By Carole Gunning | December 22, 2020

A hundred years ago the 1st World War ended but it was followed with a pandemic – Spanish Flu.

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